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Unconvential Ways to Keep a Positive Work Environment

A lot of companies in New York, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley are well-known for the way their offices look and run just as much as their business is known. While not all companies have the budget for luxurious office spaces, free meals and other perks, there are some unconventional ways you can change your workspace if you are trying to figure out how to keep a positive work environment for you and your employees. Here are a couple of ideas you can consider.

Make Schedules that Fit the Workload

For most workers, a 9-to-5 job is common. For many industries, there are 60- and 90-hour weeks on a regular basis. But what if your schedules fit the workload, and not a specific set of hours? Many employees will find more time for productivity and less time for other busy work if they know they can have an afternoon off when a project has been completed. Not all businesses can work this way, but many can try it out.

Encourage Distractions

Many bosses want to limit the distractions their employees face, but a new trend in office spaces is providing things such as games, comfortable seating areas to chat and other distractions from work. When utilized properly, employees have a bit of fun to break up the stress of the day, and when they go back to work they can focus better on the task at hand.

Consider Pets

Another trend in a wide range of work spaces is bringing dogs or cats to the office. As long as the pets are well-behaved, many employees find the comfort of having pets around help to calm the office and relieve stress. If you own a business where clients visit the office, this can also show them that you are a company that has a bit of fun, even when the work is serious business.

If you are interested in learning more about positive work environments and how you can achieve it for your own business, please contact us.