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A Few Top Industries For Perspective HVAC Jobs

A full report on the future of HVAC jobs has been created by looking at emerging construction markets: industries that are expecting to see an increase in construction in the near future. Of course, wherever new construction takes place we see an increase in HVAC jobs as well as plumbing, electrical and other jobs that are related to new builds.

Daily Commerce News published an article by Alex Carrick, “An HVAC Perspective on Upcoming Construction Markets,” that focused a lot on new mixed-use projects that will include residential, commerce, medical and business facilities together, saying,

“Greater office and residential tower construction is being planned in some of the nation’s biggest cities, including New York (Hudson Yards), Tampa (Channel District) and Miami (the Worldcenter Development).

Forward thinking companies in the high-tech sector are providing their work forces with attractive campus-like locations where they can both live and work (e.g., Amazon in downtown Seattle; Apple in Cupertino, California.)”

Other hot industries for new construction included medical facilities because of an increase of baby boomers, schools because the grandchildren of baby boomers are school-aged now, leading to an increase in the population of schools across the country.

Major stadiums in many big cities will undergo renovations, and colleges across the country may see an increase in attendance if political plans to reduce tuition come to light.

The decrease in the cost of oil is creating a boom economy for retail endeavors that may turn their profits into new builds as well.

The overall take-away is that the U.S. economy is going strong and that means new construction projects in many different industries. Please contact us for more information on the HVAC, plumbing and electrical industries.