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Plumber Salaries Are Up for 2014

Our last report on the salaries of plumbers showed them making better-than-average salaries of $52,950 per year, or $25.46 per hour. This year, they’re making 1.6 percent more at a mean $53,820 annually, or $25.88 hourly, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

  • Pay for the lowest-earning 10 percent is under $29,590 per year, or $14.23 per hour. The highest earners receive over $86,120 yearly, or $41.40 hourly.

  • Over two-thirds of the jobs are with building equipment contractors, followed by utility system construction and non-residential building construction. Other amusement and recreation industries boast the best pay at a mean $79,510 per year, or $38.22 per hour, followed by electrical power generation and distribution, averaging $68,530 annually, or $32.95 hourly, and beverage manufacturing at a mean $66,360 per year, or $31.91 per hour.

  • Most of the jobs are in high-population states like California, Texas, and New York. The best average pay is in Alaska at $71,900 per year, or $34.57 per hour, New York at $69,580 annually, or $33.45 hourly, and Massachusetts at $69,060 per year, or $33.20 per hour.

  • Cities with the most people show the most opportunities with New York City, Houston, and Chicago at the lead. The highest wages are in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York, at a mean $82,460 yearly, or $39.65 hourly, followed by San Francisco, California, averaging $81,700 per year, or $39.28 per hour, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at a mean $79,710 annually, or $38.32 an hour.

  • The job outlook is still excellent with expected increases of 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is faster than average.

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