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New Construction Means Electrical and HVAC Jobs Are On The Rise

The downturn in the economy hit the housing market hard in the early 2000s, and this wreaked havoc on construction related jobs, dragging opportunities in the field of construction to record lows, but people are beginning to spend again, the economy is finally finding its feet, and investors that were once skittish are ready to start building again. This will lead to a much better construction job market, and all the related fields will flourish as well.

If you are one of the many skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers or HVAC workers that had to ride out the downturned economy working on remodeling and home maintenance projects that barely paid the bills, now is the time to start looking for serious construction work again. Many of the people in the construction industry couldn’t afford to wait out the economy, and looked for work in different industries. This means that as the job market increases to levels that will be almost as high as they were just before the big housing bubble, there will be less people looking for those same jobs, since many of them have trained for and taken positions outside of new construction.

According to the Washington Post article “The Construction Industry Is About To Take Off. And Jobs Could Follow” written by Jim Tankersly,

“The Labor Department expects a sustained rebound in construction hiring. A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the industry will add 1.6 million jobs through 2022, which is a relatively high growth rate among sectors,”

The shortage of qualified construction workers, electircians, plumbers and hvac employees will be an issue that must be solved in the next ten years, but you can take advantage of the shortage of employees by putting yourself in a prime position for career advancement opportunities. Skilled professionals with new construction experience will have a great advantage in this growing market.

Continued growth in the field of construction means there will be less competition for the jobs available, and that more construction companies will be trying to fill openings quickly so they can remain competitive.

If you’re looking for work in Construction, please contact us we can help you find a job that is a perfect fit for you, coaching you through interviews, and posting the best opportunities as soon as they are available so you won’t miss out on the great job you spent the recession waiting for.