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Keeping Customers Happy: Going the Extra Mile to Gain Customer Loyalty

best-customer-service-lessonsBuilding a business is not just about acquiring customers, but also about getting your customers to return. This loyalty will take some work, but once you figure out what you customers are looking for the most, you can go above and beyond their expectations to keep them paying for your products and services. Here are some ways to can shoe customers you are going the extra mile to gain customer loyalty.

Anticipate the Needs of Your Customers

The biggest way to get customers to come back and work with you again is to anticipate their needs. If you are selling them a specific product or service, it can be beneficial to follow up with recommendations for additional products and services they may need based on past purchases. These recommendations can come at the point of purchase or with followup communications through email or traditional mail services.

Provide Unexpected Services

If you are currently meeting the needs of your customers, they may be happy, but not necessarily impressed with your customer service. Going beyond what’s expected is a great way to acquire loyalty, because many businesses may off the same thing, but only your business will give the loyal customer more in terms of additional services, products at a discounted price or other perks that they didn’t expect.

Maintain Open Communication

Even if you are giving customers everything they expect and more, they won’t necessarily remember to seek out your products and services again unless you remind them that they are still special to you. While you don’t want to bombard customers with messages, you can regularly send communications to them to keep your business on the top of their mind. In general, emails can be sent once a week and print mail can be sent as often as once a month.

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