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3 Pillars For Managing Different Employee Personalities Like a Master

imagesThe best analogy for managing a group of people is that of a sports coach. Think of all the different personalities that are regularly seen on a team – the diva, the veteran, the workhorse, the go-to person, the rookie – and you’ll see those in the workplace as well. With so many contrasting character types, it’s easy to see that one size will not fit all when it comes to managing the group. Here are three tips for managing the personalities on your team.

Identify The Personalities

Most importantly, identify what personalities you have on your team. With that knowledge in pocket, you will be able to manage people based on how they work best. For instance, strong Type-A people are good in leadership positions, whereas someone who is more reserved may have a need to be accepted by their co-workers and would do better in a supporting role where they can contribute the most.

Know Your Employees Goals

You should make sure you know what their goals are within the company. Your Type-A may not want to climb the corporate ladder at all, and your quiet workhorse may be interested in a management position someday. When you know their goals, it is easier to keep them happy by encouraging them properly.

Open Communication Wins

Foster open communication between everyone on the team. When all team members feel comfortable talking to everyone else on the team it allows for honest discussions that help your projects move forward. Plan retreats with team building exercises that encourage trust and mutual support to help to open the dialogue.

By following these pillars, you can manage your team effectively to create empowered and fulfilled employees where everyone benefits.

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