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Three Steps to Creating Amazing Customer Loyalty

EPA20Customer-Loyalty-1Businesses large and small can go the extra mile to ensure their customer loyalty. One of the best ways to increase revenue is to sell more products and provide better service to your existing customer base, rather than spending more time and money to acquire new ones.

Make it Intimate & Personal

First, learning small personal details about customers helps develop a rapport. Whether it’s a boutique sales associate remembering that a customer like a certain shade of pink or a cafe hostess knowing that a couple prefers to sit in a certain booth. It could be an associate asking about a customer’s children or an annual vacation they know the customer takes. These little things can add up big in terms of customer loyalty.

Creative Follow Up

Another way business can ensure loyalty is by taking these personal details a step further—no, not into stalker territory, but with personalized follow-ups. It can be a phone call, an email or a handwritten post card. Depending on your business, it could even be a house call, say if you’re a handyman or a lawn business. If you’re a body shop, you could say approximately how many miles or months it’s been since a customer’s last tune-up. These small touches will go a long way to show customers you care enough about their business to get in touch with them personally.

Give Incentives for Loyalty

Finally, offering discounts for repeat customers is a great way to ensure loyalty. Even small savings can encourage repeat business. For instance, if you’re a yoga studio, offering class cards that give customers every 11th class free is a great way to get students to commit to purchasing 10 classes up front or to keep them coming back week after week.

These guidelines can be easily implemented and will help improve your customer satisfaction and your revenue.

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