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Learning a Trade That’s in Demand: The Job Market for Electrical Careers

Almost everything that a person touches in their homes, their offices and in public places has some connection to electricity. Even with the move to wireless devices for a variety of different tasks, electricians are vital to installing different types of systems as well as maintaining current systems. When it comes to the outlook for electricians, this field is a good one to consider.

Education Requirements

When you are looking at all of the info on job market for electrical skills, you may think that it takes years before you can get started in the field. However, many students in the field of electrical systems can start as an apprentice, putting them right to work in various capacities while studying about electrical systems.

Most electricians will supplement an apprenticeship with either a certificate program from a technical school or classes and seminars that focus directly on the state licensing test they will have to take to be certified as an electrician. If you are looking to get further involved in the field, bachelor’s degrees are also available in electrical engineering, which focuses less on practical skills and more on design of electrical systems.

Job Outlook

The electric industry is a field where jobs are in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs are expecting to grow as much as twenty percent in the next ten years. This is mainly due to the fact that more homes and businesses rely on electrical components to run many systems including lighting, heating, air conditioning and alarm systems.

Those studying to be an electrician will have the best chance at finding good employment if they have studying a wide variety of topics within the electrical field and have proven to have the necessary skills for a number of different electrical systems.

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