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How the economy hurts the HVAC industry

Are you an HVAC professional that is finding that the money is not coming in like it once was — despite working just as hard as you always have?  Throughout the country, there are small business owners just like you asking “What is happening in the economy and how does it relate to HVAC industry.”  In short, the economy is suffering because of inflation.  Of course, people still need HVAC services for their home, but before they spend their hard-earned money, they want to know they are hiring real pros.  Below, there are solutions for making your company seem like the type of service that a skeptic wants to hire.

Get them the tax breaks they need

Homeowners and business owners are always happy to hear that they are saving the planet while getting a tax rebate.  This can be accomplished by directing your customers to products that are guaranteed to give them a tax rebate at the local, state or federal level for installing environmentally-friendly HVAC equipment.  This kind of service to customers helps you financially and builds trust because they know you share their vision of a healthy planet.

Help with insurance paperwork

In some cases, homeowner’s and property owners struggle to get the paperwork needed to have the insurance company pay for their HVAC equipment.  For cases that involve black mold or other pre-existing health hazards, having a professional HVAC specialist on their side helps ease their worries and gets their paperwork funneled through the insurance system at a rapid pace.  This helps you secure the client, get paid quickly, and gives the customer healthy air to breathe inside their property.  Installing new HVAC equipment for health reasons is also a good opportunity to introduce clients to air filters and purifiers.

Hiring only certified technicians

People in this down-turned economy are still spending money, but they are being more selective about where they spend it.  After all, few homeowners have money for a margin of error.  They want to know they are spending their money right the first time, and this is why they focus on professionals that send a certified technician each time an HVAC or electrician job is performed.

How we help HVAC owners survive the tough economy

At My Open Jobs, we seek to connect HVAC business owners with trained electricians and HVAC specialists.  This means that each job you bid on will have a premium team of workers that will leave your customers raving about you in reviews online.  To get started, contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with the professional employees you need to make your HVAC company survive through this tough economy.