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5 Tips for Social Media and Your Small Business

In this technology-driven society, social media has become one of the most popular forms of marketing. Your small business can improve in great ways by taking advantage of this trend. By following these tips for social media and your small business, you will have a growing number of clients asking for your services.

Focus on Audience

The most important step for creating a social media page for your business is to focus on your audience. Consider what you would want to see on a similar business page. For example, an electrician would want to include information about what services he offers and maybe provide tips for saving money on electricity.

Use Pictures

Statistically, posts with pictures have a higher viewing than those without. Make sure to post pictures that your audience will want to see. Most people would not be interested in a picture of a hole in the ground where a toilet used to sit, but they may be interested in pictures of their plumber standing in a gorgeous bathroom after the work has been done.

Advertise Sales and Deals

You can guarantee that your clients will be watching your page if you use it to advertise your sales. You can also give deals for people who follow your page. While this doesn’t guarantee that those people will become clients, you have at least gained some attention from potential customers.

Support Your Community

Be willing to use your business to sponsor a sports team or donate to a local charity. Post pictures of your business at a local event or offer to donate a certain amount of money if clients buy specific items or services. This will help your community and your business.

Watch Your Competition

Research what your competition is doing through social media to get an idea of what is working for them and what isn’t. Be willing to advertise events that they are involved in (if it won’t negatively affect your business) and hope that they will do the same.

If you use these tips, you can guarantee that you will gain a following of potential clients. If you would like more tips about social media and your small business, please contact us.