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Providing Excellent Customer Service: Don’t Give Your Customers a Reason to Write a Bad Review

Every company at some point will find a bad review online. Bad reviews can range from someone being upset about a product you offer, or they can be frustrated because their issue cannot be resolved due to lack of communication. Don’t give your customers a reason to write a bad review. If you are proactive about providing great products and prompt customers service, you can avoid many bad reviews.

Make Contact Information Clear

Most negative reviews of a business can be avoided by simply offering a customer a way to be heard. There are countless ways for you to provide an outlet for questions and complaints. One of the easiest is to have a phone number that customers can call and get issues resolved. To cover all of your bases, providing additional ways of communication such as email and social media will help you cover all of your customers.

Collect Feedback

Even if you don’t have many customers with actual complaints, that doesn’t mean your company cannot improve it’s service. Make sure that you website is set up to collect feedback from your visitors. This can be done with a simple web form to fill out. A lot of instant feedback can also come from social media, so make sure that your company is taking the time to engage and address feedback from these platforms.

Build a Social Media Presence

If the negative reviews you are getting seem a little ridiculous or picky, having a solid social media presence will allow you to have a team of loyal customers and followers on your side to come to your defense. In many cases, they will come to your defense for unwarranted reviews without your company having to get involved. However, if the bad review includes a real concern, you should address the situation with the individual reviewer.

If you are interested in learning more about how to cater to your customers and avoid negative reviews online and offline, contact us.