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How to handle the Office Jerk without Creating a Bigger Problem

There’s one in every workplace, and they can leave us scratching our heads wondering how to how to handle the Office Jerk without making the problem worse. When the office jerk seems to be getting out of hand, there are some steps you can take to improve the environment for everyone.

  • Evaluate: Take care to check out the specifics of the situation, and make sure you have the facts before addressing the matter.
  • Documentation: Ensure factual, objective notes are taken for any situations that arise. It’s important to stay unbiased and keep all personal opinions out of documentation that is taken.
  • Human Resources: Human Resources needs to be contacted and kept in the loop early in the process. They can give guidance that will help to diffuse or minimize the potential escalation of the issue.
  • Employee Meeting: Be sure to schedule a meeting with the employee providing appropriate feedback regarding the situation. Promptly addressing it with the employee will alert them to the issue and give them a chance to correct it.
  • File Documentation: Provide adequate documentation to place in the employee file. This will valuable if future situations arise. If a verbal warning is given it is vital that is included in the file. If a written warning is given, ensure it is signed by the employee prior to being placed in the employee file.
  • Follow-up: Take time to follow-up with the employee to review how they are doing regarding specifics that were addressed in the employee meeting. Also, remember to continue to follow-up with Human Resources throughout the process.

It’s can be stressful when problems arise with employees, but these steps can help manage any difficult situations in a timely manner.

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