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How to Effectively Handle the Different Personalities of Your Employees

A successful business typically employees a wide range of people with different personalities and different backgrounds that have shaped those personalities. Sometimes, the range of personalities in the office can conflict, getting in the way of productivity and innovation. As a leader, it is up to you to use different personality types to the advantage of each project that comes across your desk. Here are some ways you can use to learn how to handle the different personalities of your employees.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

The most important task you have is to keep lines of communication open between employees and with you and your employees. The easiest way to do this is to have an open door policy. If someone has an issue to solve, they can come to you and know that you will help them work out the issue, whether it is with the project itself or with communication between other employees.

Give Employees Equal Attention

In every workplace there are those who crave attention and those who avoid it. You may not get great ideas from the people who are constantly standing up and offering them. The employee sitting in the back just listening may have a great idea, but they don’t want to express it in front of a large crowd. Checking in individually with your employees on a regular basis will provide them with a piece of your time to make suggestions and continue to work hard at their tasks.

Assign Group Projects Based on Strengths and Weaknesses

Group projects will always be a part of most industries. As the team leader, it is your job to create a team that will work well together and get the job done. Knowing the different personality types of of your employees and understanding who can work well together will keep you on the path to success.


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