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Getting to the Nitty Gritty: Keep the office fun but still productive

fun-at-officeCompanies with employees who have high morale achieve greater productive results, have better attendance and a lower turnover. This is a plus for companies, because it will result in increased business, ending with in better benefits.

Signs and results of low morale can be a negative or poor attitude, patterns of absenteeism, insubordination and other signs that end a day or workweek with low productivity – measured individually or as a group.

Companies should be concerned about keeping a high level of morale because some employees can be influential, and if one employee is unhappy they can tend to complain and the communication can be horizontal (from one employee to another), instead of the worker talking directly to management about the problems.

In an article titled “Rebuilding Morale,” morale is defined as “the capacity to pull a group of people together to come together consistently in pursuit of a common focus,” according to sociologist Alexander Leighton.

There are some interactive ways to rebuild low morale which can include the following: 

Create questionnaires and polls. Get to the nitty gritty and find out the reason of why there is low morale. Ask questions so that employees can express how they feel about the start of the day, ideas or what they feel about flex-time, break times, workspace, benefits, safety, and other issues that may be effecting production. I would suggest an untrackable questionnaire so that employees can remain anonymous. This assures that there is no bias, and the questionnaire is a sign of concern to the employee.


Help to Rebuild Talents of the team

Find out if employees have other skills that they can expand on or may be lacking in skills and if possible, offer special trainings, meetings or seminars to give refresher courses or new programs to learn. Offer certificates at the end of the trainings.  This can bring great satisfaction and feelings of accomplishments to employees; while improving skills of your workforce.


Improve Better Leadership within the company

Ask employees for their ideas on certain projects and ask them to bring new ideas to the table and anything about office productivity. Give each worker a project to be in charge of with a deadline and offer incentives or rewards as positive reinforcement. One example of positive reinforcement can be job promotions, free tickets to a special events, greater employee discounts, complimentary dinner, prizes or bonuses in pay.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist in helping employees on the job, please visit us at anytime.

How to keep a positive work Environment

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