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5 Money-Saving Summer Tips: Plumbing

When it comes to summer tips, plumbing maintenance and upgrades are usually not at the forefront of everyone’s minds. However, summer provides several opportunities to save money on water and electricity costs. Here are 5 money-saving plumbing tips to share with your customers:iStock_000016386062XSmall

1) Check for leaks over and under the sink.

Whether it’s washing hands after gardening or cleaning tools from last night’s barbecue, sinks are used extensively over the summer. Check for leaks over the sink by visually inspecting your faucet’s base and check under the sink by dabbing pipe seams with dry cotton balls. A faucet leak can be fixed by simply replacing the rubber washer, but any plumbing leaks require professionals to get the job done right.

2) Upgrade your faucet.

Leaving the faucet on while washing your hands is the number one waste of water in most households. You can upgrade existing faucets by installing an aerator, which adds air to the water output to use less water more effectively. Alternatively, you can replace your faucet with an automatic hand-sensing faucet. Although an automatic faucet is a significant up-front investment, it will save you on water bills for years to come.

If you aren’t ready for an automatic faucet, consider simply replacing your faucet with a design that does not require gripping the handles to turn them. This lets household members conserve water themselves without getting soap and dirt on the faucet handles.

3) Don’t let your toilets run.

A running toilet can waste over a thousand gallons of water a day. You can often hear a toilet running, but you can also check by putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If the food coloring shows up in the bowl a few minutes later, you may have a bad flush valve ball. The valve is cheap and relatively easy to replace, though you should call your local plumbing company to make sure it’s installed correctly.

4) Turn down your hot water heater when you’re on vacation…

Traditional hot water heaters work by heating and re-heating a large tank of water to keep it at a certain temperature. While you’re on summer vacation, that hot water is a waste of energy, plain and simple. Turn the temperature down on your hot water heater before you leave. Remember to turn it up when you get back, of course.

5) …or better yet, go tankless.

Instant hot water heaters are not only convenient, they can also save you money. They work by heating water on-demand, so they don’t require a tank and your hot water supply is virtually endless. If you only use hot water a couple times a day, you’ll see a big savings.

These are just a few summer tips for saving money on plumbing. Feel free to add your own or change them based on your customers’ needs. For more about plumbing and how you can get help with staffing your company, please contact us.

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