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Picture 6You don’t need to be told that HVACelectrical work and plumbing are specialized vocations. In fact, many of our employers have searched far and wide in their areas for employees who really know what they’re doing, and can hold down the job longer than only a few months. Searching for the right employee to fill a vacant position with your company can be exhausting as well as frustrating. You might even begin to wonder if the right candidate is really out there…somewhere.

That’s why it makes sense to post on specific trade job boards other than big boards such as Monster. While those larger job boards can be helpful for some types of occupations, the only real result you get from them is a bunch of resumes that will take you hours, days, or even months to get through before you find the applicants that you want to interview.

The benefits of posting on our specific trade boards are vast. In fact, you’ll be thrilled to know that most of the work of finding your next star employee will be done for you. That means no more searching through applicants who might have unclogged a sink at their grandma’s house one time a few years ago. Our staff will handpick the best candidates for the position you need to fill. We’ll base our selection on the criteria that you set ahead of time. That means no more surprises and no more half-qualified applicants.

It also means less work for you.

We know that running your business is sometimes more than a full time job. It takes a lot of time to provide your customers with the services they need, as well as manage all of your employees to ensure they’re doing a good job. We’d love the opportunity to seek out your next staff member.

For more information about our specialized job board and our staffing services, contact us today!


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