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7 Summer Tips for HVAC Customers

summer-bummers-1Summer is the time for pool trips, barbecues, and air conditioning – a lot of air conditioning. Help your customers lower their energy bills and show off your expertise with these 7 summer tips for HVAC customers:

1) Replace your old HVAC unit.

HVAC units are often ignored when it comes to investing in new products. After all, you look at your TV or computer all the time, but you never really “see” your HVAC unit working. But if your HVAC unit is particularly old or has not been maintained, it may be costing you. Consider replacing an old HVAC unit with a newer, more energy-efficient model to save on monthly bills.

2) Remember your air filters.

Air filters need to replaced or washed once a month. Dirty air filters interfere with airflow and can even cause health concerns. Most calendar software and to-do lists can send you email reminders, so try setting a monthly reminder to help you remember.

3) Protect your HVAC unit.

Just like the air filters inside your house determine good airflow, your HVAC unit outside needs to be protected from debris, plants, and sunlight. If your HVAC unit is in the sun, consider investing in an awning or shade tree – but don’t put anything too close to the air intake.

4) Learn to love fans.

The fan setting on your thermostat or a ceiling fan in a room can help you feel cooler during the hottest parts of the day. Fans also help distribute cold air, so try turning on a fan to spread air from your AC vents to the rest of the room. This will reduce the time your air conditioning runs, saving you on energy bills.

5) Think of the outside world.

Although summer nights are often warm and muggy, summer mornings can be a comfortable, cool temperature. Opening doors and windows in the morning is a great alternative to running AC – just make sure you close them before it gets hot.

6) Check your HVAC ducts.

One of the dangers of older houses is a leaky HVAC system. Holes or misaligned HVAC ducts can lead to increased energy bills and an uncomfortable room. Watch out especially for any rooms that seem unusually warm in the summer or cold in the winter – they may not be receiving enough air from your HVAC system. Quickly check the air flow from a room’s vents using your hand or a pinwheel fan, then talk to your local HVAC specialists about inspecting your HVAC system.

7) Invest in a programmable thermostat – and use it.

Programmable thermostats that stop running AC while you’re away or at night can cut your energy bill significantly. Of course, you do actually have to program your thermostat for it to save you money. If you’re a “set it and forget it” kind of person, consider investing in a learning thermostat like the Nest. These thermostats watch your behavior and “learn” what temperatures you like at what times, then behave accordingly. This is a significant upfront investment, but it can save on your energy bills and save you from constantly adjusting the thermostat.

These are some helpful tips for summer that you can share with your customers. Feel free to add your own tips or adjust according to your local market. For more information about HVAC companies, and for help with staffing, please contact us.

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