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Does Multitasking Increase Productivity?

We are constantly finding new ways to be efficient.  Technology is helping with part of it.  Multitasking is supposed to be the other part, but it’s controversial.  One side is saying it doesn’t work.  The other side is saying it does.  Do multitasking increase productivity?multitask_akhtabootShort answer: It depends on the task.

Long answer: Increased productivity is something we are always striving to do.  Multitasking is supposed to do more in the period given.  However, we fail to grasp the concept of what multitasking is.  This is not about doing everything at once; it has opposite consequences ranging from accomplishing half of everything to wasting time.  We are supposed to be more productive without distractions.  What we are supposed to do is multitask with strategy.  We need to focus.  Typing while on the phone isn’t multitasking; it’s distracting.  Unless we are typing what the person is saying, we can’t hear ourselves think to type because we are on the phone listening to someone else.

This is How to keep a positive work Environment with multitasking.

  • Choose what you’re going to do in advance.  Stick to those tasks until completion.  Additional tasks should not be squeezed in the middle of something; add them for a later date.
  • Compatible tasks should be in a pile.  Similar tasks can be done at the same time.  A group of correspondence or typed reports can be grouped together because both involve typing.  Another way to group tasks together is to group a mental and physical task together.  Folding laundry while talking on the phone or listening to music while exercising are great examples.
  • Take advantage of downtime.  Multitasking isn’t always about juggling two large tasks at once.  It can be about one large project and many small tasks.  As the large project need approval, feedback or items from other people you can ace those small tasks during the wait period.
  • Don’t force multitasking on things that can’t.  Some tasks require complete concentration.  Operating heavy machinery and deadline-driven work need all the attention.  Don’t make multitasking work for those tasks.  Focus on that, only that and get it done.
  • Interruptions should be grouped from urgent to minimal.  Urgent ones need your attention as soon as possible while minimal ones can wait until you’re through with the current task or with the cluster of tasks.  For the urgent ones, take note of your thoughts prior to dealing with urgent issues so you don’t forget where you left off.
  • Improve concentration.  Life is going to throw us a curveball with interruptions, noise and distant chatter.  We need our brains to focus on the task.  Fight the urge to check emails, social media and news stories and force yourself to finish the task.  Place your cell phone on vibrate.  Take short breaks (five to ten minutes) to sit at your desk or close your eyes.  Finally fight off drifting and wandering thoughts by telling yourself in the moment to focus on the current task.

For more information on how to increase productivity to employers and employees, contact us.


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