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5 Ways to Keep a Positive Work Environment

When times are tough, many people feel like they are trapped in their job, viewing opportunities in the future as dim and without prospect. When the economy is ramped up and running smoothly, unhappy employees can easily move on, but when they don’t, they bring down morale, lower productivity, and generate negativity.negativepositive

So to in order to keep a positive work environment, here are five things you can do to counter the bad vibes and generate more buy-in from your staff.

1. Be Open and Honest

Nothing turns the light on like letting people in on business. Keeping people in the dark lets people create their own versions of things, and they are usually bad. So instead of avoiding a potentially bad situation, be forthright and tell it like it is. Trust that your staff will be happy to in the loop and they’ll appreciate your honesty.

2. Two-Way Communication

When things need to be changed, ask your staff how they feel and what they think would work positively for your business. The more decision-making that is given to employees, the more in control they feel. This keeps them involved and gives them a greater sense of control over their working lives.

3. Provide Development Opportunities

You know how business can be: sometimes it’s so hectic you don’t have time to eat lunch, while other times you are seemingly counting the minutes until closing time. During those “slow” times, use it to get creative. Use it for staff training, team building, and development. Find time to build your team in ways they are interested in, but maybe didn’t have time for in the past. Keep it fun and relaxed.

4. Be Reflexive on Feedback

Asking your staff for their opinions on things should be more than a PR exercise. If you haven’t been acting on their advice and opinions, employees will be distrustful and suspicious. Unless you are sincere in wanting their opinion, don’t ask them for it. If they give insight that is useful, act on it. If you don’t, tell them why you can’t use it. It’s that simple.

5. Share a Future and a Focus

Tough times rarely last long. While there is no harm in banding together to triumph over them, looking past them to a solid and productive future is just as important. Maintaining a positive perspective coupled with hope and vision for the future is important for morale, lifting spirits, and prevents employees from making bad decisions.

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