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3 Effective Tips: Marketing for a Small Business

Small businesses often face challenges that big businesses have teams of marketers, focus groups, and other paid professionals to handle. There are many creative options available to small businesses to meet these challenges. The tips below are highly effective ways to enhance marketing for a small business.

#1: Create Marketing Niches: Whether shopping online or in-person, consumers usually have hundreds of options to consider whether you are offering HVAC, electrical, or plumbing services and products with your small business. Many business focus on targeting a wide range of customers, but when marketing gets too broad, the lack of specificity will leave your business lost in a crowd of similar markets. If, however, you focus your small business in several niche (or specific) areas, you are much more likely to create a name for yourself. Consider creating a “green” or ecological niche, or a niche that embraces technology, such as mobile apps for your services.

#2: Showcase Your Business Process: Whether you are describing the process of how a service is performed, the dynamic people involved with your company, or how your small business started, by telling a story about your business, you actively engage the customer. Customers want to know about the services they buy, and there is increasing demand for services that have sustainable and innovative qualities. Tell your customers the unique things about your products and services. Remember, your customers don’t know you, your services, and your story the way that you do, and you should never expect them to just know. By showcasing your processes, you communicate an attention to detail that is often unmatched by large businesses and corporations.

#3: Create a Press Release: It’s usually best to write your own press release if you are a small business just starting out, but you can also call media departments directly to see if they will write one for you. Target your local newspapers first, while highlighting the strong connection and good relationship you have with your local community. Plus, have a great reason for why your press release is newsworthy—a new type service that offers something to the local community, a new way of doing things that is innovative or alternative, and, if you’ve found a target niche, definitely use that in your press release!

For more information on effective small business marketing strategies, contact us today!


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