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Ways to keep your employee’s motivated and to work hard

Many people go to work every day unhappy.  They are going through the motions of arriving, working, taking breaks and leaving because it’s what they are supposed to do.  They hold on to the job because it’s the only option to pay their bills.  Employees are not being appreciated; this kills motivation and stirs dreams of greener grass on the other side.  Companies must continue to find ways to keep your employee’s motivated and to work hard.  Otherwise completed work will go south and so will morale which forces employees to find happiness elsewhere.

  1. A positive environment goes a long way.  Create an inviting environment where employees are happy to work and enjoy doing what they do.  Employees will work their hardest because it won’t feel like work to them.
  2. Listening to ideas employees have shows them that their voice is being heard.  Keep open lines of communication opens on both ends by scheduling meetings just for idea sharing.  Set up an email address just for ideas.  Don’t be so quick to dismiss any idea.  Try the idea; if nothing else it’s would be a good reason why that idea doesn’t work.
  3. The way managers talk to employees is “their way or the highway.”  To keep employees loyal to the company you will have to talk to them not at them.  Talk to them like a human being and respond to them when they are done talking.  Show them that their feedback matters instead of interrupting them midsentence.  Tell them why their feedback works or don’t work without preconceived notions.
  4. Give employees a chance to grow.  Allow opportunities for hob advancement, leadership positions and greater responsibility.  Offer training programs to develop new skills.  Let them have the power to resolve issues with customers without you present.  Don’t dictate to employees what they can or cannot do with these benefits to the point of micromanaging. It’s alright to set boundaries, but don’t be too difficult.  Allow employees to be themselves and listen to what they have to say before responding.
  5. Give them incentive.  Job advancement and leadership roles aren’t the only incentives companies can give to employees.  Higher wages, accolades, monthly outings for good employees, flexible work schedules, a great work environment and a great benefits package are good enough for many employees. Be careful about incentives as employees will only work as hard as needed to elevate them higher or to get that incentive.

Show employees that you value and appreciate their hard work.  These routines are simple and effective.  It keeps them engaged, drives creatively and wills them forward.  The company will be a success and the employees will feel honored to be a part of it.  A little really does go a long way. Contact us for more information.


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