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3 Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Customers Coming Back

It’s no secret, return customers are essential for a business to thrive. A business that relies on customers can not survive without them. So if you are looking at ways to keep your customers coming back, the first thing you should look to is how your current and past customers are spokespeople for your brand. Meaning, if you provide them with outstanding customer service, it not only increases the likelihood of their return, it also ups the chances that they’ll speak highly of you to others.all-thumbs-up

Which leads us to number 1 on the list…

1. Repeat Customer are Less Expensive than New Ones

Prospective customers will only be interested in what you can provide them with when they are looking to make a purchase. This means you will constantly be looking for new customers. Which is a huge waste of time and money. Repeat customers do this work for you. Because if they return for your service, you must be doing something right, and that means they’re telling others, too. It’s as easy as that.

2. Repeat Customers Means Consistency on Your Part

While repeat customers may be returning because of your solid customer service, it’s also possible they appreciate and value your consistency as a business. Everyone loves the feeling of knowing the game, the rules, how to play, and so on. Starting something new, for some people, can be taxing and stressful. This is why it’s important that your business is ran in a consistent manner that give people exactly what they expect: great customer service by excellent hirees.

3. Nurture Your Relationships with Repeat Customers

A repeat customer is someone who should be familiar to you. Nurture that by being as personal (and personable) as possible. Get to know what sorts of things they value in their lives, and the things they expect from the services they patronize. Tell CSRs and service techs not to be afraid to call people by their first name. Think about the last time you were in need of a service (even if it was waiting in line for coffee), and when you entered the person working greeted you by name. This sort of relationship is the kind that keeps on giving, and creates customer and brand loyalty.

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