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7 Signs You Hired a Bad Employee

Bad EmployeeIf you think that you hired someone who plays their own game, and lives by their own rules, chances are it is pretty obvious and you’re not wrong. Having confidence, a high self-esteem, and the ability to back it up is one thing. But too much in either direction, and you are likely dealing with a problem employee at your small business.

Want to know if you hired the office misfit? Read on to identify some warning signs.

1. Tardiness

“There was a line…” Or, “My alarm clock didn’t go off…” Or, “I forgot to check my schedule…” Are valid once in a while. But make it a habit? Forget it. Trying to rationalize being late several times a week are signs of disrespect, selfishness, and unreliability.

2. Excuses, excuses…

If their excuses outnumber the amount of times they actually can do their work, or they will not take no for an answer, you have a problem.

3. Complaining about extra work

Being nimble at a job is benefit to the entire staff. When unexpected work comes up, sure some people complain, but they still get the work done. Habitual grumbling or expressing dissatisfaction regularly about extra is unwelcomed and unnecessary.

4. They’re a know-it-all

Even if they are as smart as they think, the team rarely garners much from a person who tries to flaunt it at every turn. Arrogant employees are difficult to deal with and drag others down at every turn.

5. Gossip girl

Or guy… either way, an office gossip creates drama where there is none, perpetuates lies while they should be working, and spreads rumors through your workplace that can tear down the walls. Perhaps one of the most deadly traits of a bad employee.

6. Not sharing missions or values

If they are always murmuring about policy, grumbling about what your company stands for, not adhering to new changes, and just being an overall negative Nancy all the time, their days will be numbered.

7. Productivity is an issue

If you or your colleagues have to constantly hold their hand, even after explaining how to do something many, many times, they are wasting your time. This kind of employee is stagnant in their position, and after a while you may have to improve their status by letting them go.

Knowing that you hired a bad employee means taking action. Put them through their paces, let them prove their worth, and if they fail at impressing you, they have essentially terminated themselves.

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