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4 Key Strategies: How to Keep a Positive Work Environment

th33N8LNBSPositivity and negativity in the work place go a long way, affecting performance, motivation, and teamwork. While there’s no one rule about how to keep a positive work environment, the four tips below offer key strategies for employers to consider.

#1 – Maintain Accountability: In order for employees to feel like their work means something, they must be held accountable for the quality and quantity of work they produce. While feeling comfortable and sociable in a work environment is a good thing, feeling too comfortable and socializing too much due to lack of accountability can be a very bad thing. Bottom line: employee complacency builds negativity, while employee pride and work ethic builds positivity.

#2 – Balance Responsibility: Work environments have times of heavy workload and times of minimum workload, depending on industry specifics, consumer trends, quarterly reports, and a host of other factors. In order to keep a positive work environment, employers are tasked with balancing the amount of responsibility employees must perform on a daily basis. Being over-worked creates negativity, and idle time has a way of creating a different sort of negativity. If the ebb and flow of work cannot be altered at the industry level, it’s important for employers to spread the work out evenly and to develop important tasks for employees to complete during slower times. Plus, with employees that demonstrate superior motivation and ambition, it’s important to periodically increase their responsibilities in order to encourage their positive attitudes.

#3 – Restructure Setting: The more employers understand employee dynamics, the more they can provide a work environment that fosters positivity and teamwork. If you notice that some employees are not getting along, a great way to change this is to simply restructure the work setting. Some employees like to stay in the same space at the same desk for many years, while others like to move around. Target employees who like a change of scenery and periodically encourage them to move to a different location in the office. It’s best not to make the restructuring about employee disagreements. Instead, you can make this a good experience by highlighting the positives of change, whether it includes a new filing cabinet in a different area that better meets the needs of a specific employee, a better window view, or closer proximity to a key component of the work space, etc.

#4 – Create Community: Some employees like to bring things into the office for others to share, such as cookies. Other employees thrive on organizing fun work events, while some just don’t care about such things. Work events and sharing, however, even for those employees who do not express an interest, can encourage positivity. This satisfies the needs of employees to interact and foster teamwork that extends beyond work tasks. A simple gathering to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day during a special long lunch, for example, can help with periods of down time, or provide relief from periods of extra work, making for a fun yet productive work environment!

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