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Technology tools to help grow your business.

Technology_management_LG_FOCToday, what’s the best way for small business to reach prospective customers, those with money to spend on that home or office upgrade? New electrical, or HVAC installs?

One way is to use the right mix of technology in your marketing starting by…

Not overlooking the importance of the ‘mobile’ platform…

Business know how crucial mobile technology. It allows customers to use their tablets, smartphones, laptops and ultrabooks to help them make their buying decisions, and who to recommend to their friends and family.

In short, there are apps to make it easier to grow your business.  What’s more, it’s important for business owners to follow their customers on social media…

Speaking of ‘social media’…

It’s not just about Facebook, as other channels like Twitter offer an avenue to promote and engage the customer base—and prospects!

For sure, social media offers an inexpensive way  to market, but also helps one’s own business while building your neighborhood reputation. One of surest methods is to monitor customer comments, and respond to their concerns and answer their questions. This way, they become a great supporter and a good source of referrals and recommendations.

Look upward…to the cloud…

Although the migration to cloud services has not been a stampede, regardless of the enterprise, small businesses should look at some of the advantages.

For one thing, using the cloud for some services—like storage, or using web-based booking apps—will eliminate the costly upgrading of hardware, or even the need to hire someone,

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and small business owners can benefit by using the right tech tools tools that give them the best returns.

Looking to upgrade your career, or seeking qualified candidates to fill those openings? Contact us. Our data base is ideal for searching part-time and full-time openings.


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