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Valentine’s Day Around the World

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you give traditional gifts like candy and cards? Or perhaps you prefer to give flowers like roses? Or maybe you don’t celebrate it at all. No matter, you’ll still be interested in learning how other countries around the world do. While most countries give in to tradition and give typical gifts, some do things… rather differently.v19_21417117


To show love and adoration for each other, couples in Vietnam wear the same color or style of clothing throughout the day. It helps them feel connected to one another while showing the world who they care about. Giving candy is popular too.


In Japan, they celebrate Valentine’s Day as a two-part holiday. On February 14 women give gifts to men. Then on March 14 (known as White Day) the man has to return the gift. Chocolate is the most popular gift.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated with a festival some places in Scotland. Traditionally, the festival has an equal amount of women and men. Both sexes place their names in two separate hats, which are then drawn and the couples pair off and give gifts (or exchange, it’s all in fun). It all ends with a dance.


In addition to one small town receiving thousands of letters addressed to Juliet (from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”), Italy once had a magnificent celebration. There was singing, dancing, wine, poetry, and love. But as times change, so do people. The celebrations have dwindled country-wide, but in some places the spirit lives on.


The Spanish celebrate Valentine’s Day slightly differently than we do in the US. They still give gifts like candy, jewelry, and flowers to one another, but only couples participate in the tradition. Family and friends are exempt from the practice, a fact that some of you are probably jealous of hearing.

Whether you love it or loathe it, have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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