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Steps for growing your small business include updating online listings with tie-in to Google Maps.

You made a big commitment to start your own electrical contractor’s business, but the time was right and the money was there. Now, you have a couple of trucks and a local building.

Aside from advertising in the local chamber of commerce publications, and getting listed in a number of directories, you haven’t had the time to really promote your business.

A few weeks back, you launched your first website, thinking that people would find you just entering ‘electrical contractors, Las Vegas.’ True, you do come up along with the handful of other contracting firms, but nothing that really sets you apart from the competition.

Steps for growing your small business should also include a look at search engine optimization (SEO): it’s the only way to get decent page rankings from search engines, ie, Google and Bing, for example.Google-Maps

Mistakenly, almost 78% of businesses think having a website is all you need for the searches to find you. What’s needed, according to one research study, is for the small business to focus on updating their online listings: 49% fail to do so, and 50% maintain inaccurate listings.

Local businesses need local SEO citations

It sounds complicated until you look at how your business appears on a search page. Again, to set you apart, make sure you are not only entering the common profile info, or  NAP: Name, address and phone (Look at other local SEO terms on this site.)

Now that your website is up and running,  take that extra step to tie in your location, region and geographic area to Google Maps, which ‘pins’ your locale and specific location.

Then, concentrate on creating a blog; better yet, outsource this task to make sure your content—and your website— is always fresh and relevant—you’ll get better page rankings that way. Your website should give visitors a reason for coming back to get their questions answered…or, perhaps, learn from your ‘How to’ tutorials.

Contact us and discover how we can help you fill those HVAC, plumbing and electrical positions. We offer an extensive database of qualified candidates to match your specific requirements.


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