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Don’t Make These Three Hiring Mistakes

Your top master plumber just quit and you have a major job that’s coming in a few days. So you try to rush through the recruiting and hiring process just to fill the void. Stop and slow down! Get a staffing company to provide you with a temporary substitute so you can take your time in finding a replacement. Otherwise, you’re likely to make these three mistakes.image-mistake2

Making It All About Talk

It’s true that the interview is a chance for you to find out about the candidate, which you do by asking questions and hearing his answers. But that only presents a small side or your potential hire. Take him on a tour of the company and introduce him to other workers. Listen to the questions he asks, which can show you whether he cares about the positions and has the technical background. See how he interacts with others to get a sense of how he would fit in with your culture and whether he has good people skills for your customers.

Taking His Word for It

You’re going to get most of your information about the candidates skills and experience from his resume. But don’t take his word for it. Ask your employees to create a leaky faucet in the company washroom, or adjust your HVAC system so it isn’t running properly. Then ask your applicants to fix the problems. This will give you a chance to observe the procedures and tools he uses. You can then determine first-hand whether he has the skills that are detailed in his resume.

Not Checking References

Your HR department can verify the preliminary facts, such as whether he actually did go to the school or work at the jobs described in the resume. But if you want to truly verify the reference, you have to call his current supervisor. As one manager speaking to another, you can ask probing questions that HR people wouldn’t know to ask. You can also expect honest and blunt answers that are unfiltered by fear of violating human resource standards.

Avoiding these mistakes is more likely to get you the candidate that you want rather than the first one in the door. If you want more small business resources, please contact us.


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