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#13: The best people will always go to work for the best companies (Part Eight)

recruitingbyteslogoAs you’ll notice, I haven’t said a word about money yet. That’s because money is rarely what attracts a good employee or keeps them with your company. It’s the intangibles that I’ve talked so much about. It’s the way they feel when they come to work every day and that’s determined by everything else. Don’t get me wrong, money’s important. If you’re not paying market value or above, you’ll never attract the best people, but if you paid someone ten times what they’re worth and gave them nothing else, how long would they really stay?

Every day they come to work where you lock them in their office (with no windows) for 8-10 hours with no interaction with you or the rest of your staff. You never show them appreciation for what they do and occasionally yell and scream at them through the locked door. Every time they ask you about a training class or for time off you say NO! When they’re sick you say, “Suck it up”! How long would they stay? So you see; money isn’t everything. People need to be able to pay their bills and provide for their family, that’s why they have a job. But, they spend more time at work than anywhere else in their life and it needs to be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

I could probably come up with hundreds of ways to help you to be perceived as one of the best companies to work for, but if you make the decision to do any of them, you have to be 100% committed. Being the type of company that people want to work for is something you work towards every second of every day. I know that many of you reading this article are shaking your heads in disbelief that any business owner or manager would do some of these things, but we all know that it happens.

Being a company that people want to work for will solve so many of the problems and day-to-day struggles in your business. You’ll never be able to hire people with the same work ethic or dedication that you have as an owner, but by creating an attractive environment for the best people, you’ll get real close. If you could walk away from your business for weeks at a time and everything keeps running just like you were there, you’ve got good employees that care about the company and truly appreciate what you do for them. Isn’t that the whole point, to have the freedom as a business owner to be able to enjoy life a little? Well you can’t do that without good employees, and you can’t attract the best employees if you’re not one of the best companies to work for.


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