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#12: The best people will always go to work for the best companies (Part Seven)


One of the characteristics of many top performers is that they always want to better themselves and advance their knowledge about their chosen profession. If you aren’t willing to promote and support their quest, they’ll find another company that is. Helping your employees to better themselves benefits you directly. The better they are at what they do, the better they can serve your customers.

You can’t just support them verbally though, you need to make it possible for them to attend the training classes and seminars without losing pay for missed time or having to go after work or on the weekends where it cuts into the time they spend with their families. By not only paying them for the time they’re attending the classes, but paying for the classes themselves, you’re showing them that their goals are important to you as well.

If you’re worried about the cost, don’t. You’ll make back the few days of pay and the cost of the training classes with dedicated employees and low turnover.

We’ll tackle more in the next issue…


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