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Avoid these Mistakes when Managing Employees

crowdsourceLocating, hiring and training the right employees involves time, money, and effort. You thus want these workers to remain with your firm as long as possible. If you want to keep them motivated, productive, and performing at peak efficiency, avoid the following management mistakes.

  • Criticizing them publicly. It’s hard enough to hear that you’ve made a mistake. It’s worse if you have to be berated in public in front of co-workers and customers. You feel like you’re a small child who can’t make the right decisions without mom or dad. Confine your criticism to private meetings. However, always praise your employees publicly to make them feel better about their jobs.
  • Keeping them in the dark. Have you ever had your flight delayed or canceled without the airline providing any explanation? That’s how your employees feel when you arbitrarily decide on actions or withhold information about the company. They’re more likely to buy into your courses of action if they understand the reasons behind them. Share the motives for your decisions and any data that led you to those conclusions.
  • Setting unrealistic goals and deadlines. You can only create unachievable standards for so long before employees wise up to your methods. They won’t put out any effort on your projects because they don’t see the point in spinning their wheels. A more effective method is to set a desired outcome and consult your workers on the best schedules and goals for reaching that point. Your employees will then do everything they can to meet what they planned because they want to remain accountable for their actions.

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