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Are your HVAC service techs knowledgeable in trends like heat-exchanger improvements?

heat exchangerAs any HVAC pro will tell you, the backbone of the system is its ‘heat exchanger,’ the device that will transfer heat from one medium to another efficiently.

Some heat-exchanger configurations transfer the heat more efficiently than other setups. This can drive overall operational costs lower for a business or industrial site.

Keeping competitive is the mantra of today’s business leaders, and is the end-point that drives most equipment  upgrades, especially when it comes to handling the exchange from one medium to another.

A summary of a recent research study, “Heat Exchangers–Global Strategic Business Report, indicates that manufacturers are doubling-down on  new technologies to ensure lower ownership costs. At the forefront of new these new devices is promise for  longer life, coupled with higher energy efficiencies.

When it comes to the ‘shell and tube’ exchangers, for example, the focus is on a design that can reduce vibrations; unchecked, these malfunctions can lead to shorter life cycles in the equipment.

Globally, the coming-of-age of heat exchange thinking is set to bring higher industrialization in emerging markets, particularly in developing countries. Ultimately, the trend should attract more investments to building out infrastructures.

It will be the assigned tasks of energy-efficient heat exchangers to bring marked improvements in commercial and industrial environments; this, as energy costs continue to march higher—not to mention the higher carbon costs.

The report notes:

There exists increasing focus on upgrading to energy efficient heat exchangers in addition to monitoring, maintenance and timely replacements, as end-user industries are forced to adopt appropriate measures to enhance energy performance of heat exchangers in attempts to lower energy bills.

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