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Tips for marketing a plumbing business.

Marketing and strategyYou spent a lot of years getting the right training, and working for good companies, but now you’re looking forward to starting your own plumbing business.

As a new plumber going into business, you’re focused on advertising and your small business. No surprise, there are a lot of plumbers in your geographic area, but you plan to make your mark in providing top-notch customer service; too, your marketing strategy is going to use the latest techniques, such as those listed in the the SmallBusiness.Chron website, “How to Advertise for Your Plumbing Business.”

The importance of a well-designed logo…and slogan.

A study by the Financial Times shows that consumers do react ‘subconsciously’ to logo designs—do it shabbily and kiss some business goodbye! Do it right, and your customer may think of your business as “higher quality and reliability.”

Think ‘mobile’…your vehicles.

It’s an obvious step, but make sure your business vehicles are not crammed with your company information.

Opt for the uncluttered look, allowing easy to read contact info on all sides and rear of your vehicles, making sure it’s readable from a reasonable distance.

Start looking for partnerships

Make the rounds in the apartment buildings and office complexes. Don’t just leave brochures: try to talk to the decision maker if possible to leave that good impression. Think smart by offering discounts to the larger customers, which may help in building a long-term relationship with key customers.

Don’t discount direct mail as an effective medium…

Concentrate on sending a well-designed mailer packed with relevant content to homes and business in your service area. Don’t cut back on the mailing. Find a way to cover as many homes in your local that’s possible. Remember, every home is a potential customer.

Get visible on ‘search engines’…and in phone directories.

First, the phone directories are a key advertising medium for plumbers. Go large and use full color (quarter or half page ad); don’t forget looking into your local business directories too: online and print—Chamber of Commerce???

One vertical market you should also advertise in are the community magazines and local newspapers (yes, newspapers!).

Also, look at putting money into premium spots on search engine pages.

Look for ‘coupon’ media…

That means offering coupons in local sports team publications and programs, as well as Scout troops. Coupons generally work well in coupon-circulars that are delivered via an established delivery system.

As your business grows, be sure to contact us. Our website offers an extensive inventory of skilled workers ready to help you grow your business.


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