Recruiting Bytes

#8: The best people will always go to work for the best companies (Part Three)

recruitingbyteslogoSo how do you attract the best people? Let’s start with their initial call to your company in response to an employment opportunity. Think of this as the courting process. If you were trying to get someone to go out on a date, you’d go out of your way to make them feel comfortable with you and you’d want them to like you.

From the first person that answers the phone to every single person the applicant interacts with, the experience needs to be comfortable and friendly. If the people they talk to act like it’s an inconvenience that they’re calling or are rude, the applicant starts out immediately with a bad impression of the entire company. If you were immediately rude to someone you wanted to ask out on a date, what do you think the odds would be that they’d actually say yes? Not good.

Next, when the applicant comes to your place of business, it’s just like inviting your date back to your house. If you’ve got boxes stacked everywhere, dirty floors and walls, an overflowing trash can and dirty laundry lying around, your date probably won’t stay…and if they do, they probably won’t come back. Your office doesn’t have to be a palace, but it does need to be clean and organized, inside and out. It’s a sign of pride and respect for what you’ve built as a company and the best prospective employees definitely take notice.

As a word of advice; I also suggest that you never have any pets or animals at your office, especially barnyard animals. I know it seems funny, but I’ve heard stories from applicants about animals running around in an office…even chickens. It’s just not professional.

We’ll tackle more in the next issue…


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