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How to Check Out Electrical Job Applicants Online

You assume that the resumes and forms submitted by an electrical job applicant are basically accurate and truthful. However, you also know that these documents only reveal what an applicant want you to know. To truly find out what a potential employee is all about, you can check out his virtual life.SM_0

Start with his social pages, such as Facebook or Tumblr, which reveal his unguarded moments. Does he talk trash about his current employers and show pictures of drunken after-work revelries? Or do the messages convey excitement about his job and display images of his latest electronic projects?

Do a Google Search on his name to find out what others think about him. Don’t forget to include the Images, Videos, Blogs and News options. You may uncover news stories of questionable activities or past arrests. On the hand, association websites may praise his contributions to the electrical industry and show him receiving work-related awards. Set up a Google Alert on his name, so if any future mentions about him appear on the web, you’ll receive notice via email.

Scour the Internet for resumes and other employment histories that he’s posted online, such as through LinkedIn. Examine the information in these listings, especially the job titles, dates of employments, company names, compensation and accomplishments. Do they match what he’s listed in his resume and application form? Minor variations may simply show carelessness. However, major differences may be an attempt to deceive or inflate his previous experience.

If you want more information on how to find out about your job applicants, please contact us.


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