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#7: The best people will always go to work for the best companies (Part Two)

recruitingbyteslogoIt all comes down to “Quality of Life”. Is the quality of their life better working for you than it would be working for someone else? If the answers yes, it’s a good marriage. If the answer’s no, you get divorced. If you haven’t been providing a good quality of life for your employees, word spreads fast. It’s a small world and people in our industry all know each other either directly or through someone.

Why do you think that one company can’t get anyone to respond to their employment ads in the paper and another company doesn’t even have to run them? In many cases it’s because of their reputation. One company that I personally know hasn’t had to run ads in the paper for over ten years, because everyone in the market knows that they are “THE COMPANY TO WORK FOR”, and they always have a list of quality applicants that want to join their team. It’s not their employment advertising, it’s their reputation.

If you’re company has a bad reputation in the market, there simply is no quick fix. It will take you years to fix the damage. You could have a great reputation with your customers, but you can’t take care of them without good employees. Your employees are your customers too and should be treated that way. It doesn’t mean they’re always right or that you should give them everything they want.

We’ll tackle more in the next issue…


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