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#6: The best people will always go to work for the best companies (Part One)

recruitingbyteslogoIf you want to hire the best people, you have to be perceived as one of the best companies to work for. If your expectation level for the quality of your employees is higher than what you can provide them in return, it simply doesn’t work.

Just like in marriage, if one spouse doesn’t feel like they’re getting enough out of the relationship and the other spouse doesn’t provide them what they need, they get divorced. Once someone is working for you, it’s a marriage, but many of us can’t even get past the first date.

Over the next few issues of Recruiting Bytes, we’ll discuss what it takes to attract the best people to work for you. So what do the best people look for in a company?

To start with; you need to provide a clean, organized and friendly office environment, honest business practices, clean and dependable company vehicles (if they’re in a service/maintenance/installation position), the right tools to get the job done, good health benefits to provide for the wellbeing of themselves and their families, paid vacation and personal time so they can spend quality time with their families, work schedule flexibility so they can attend family functions or their children’s activities, ongoing training to help them be better at what they do, your commitment to help them achieve their career goals, appreciation for a job well done and oh yeah, a paycheck that doesn’t bounce.

We’ll tackle more in the next issue…


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