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Current Salaries for Electrical Drafters

Electrical drafters convert the ideas of engineers and technicians into drawings and plans by using software. Manufacturing staff can then use these plans to produce such devices as circuits, headphones, and TV sets. The profession typically requires a postsecondary education in the form of an associate degree from a community college or technical school.

  • Electrical drafters average $58,490 per year, or $28.12 per hour, as of the date of this post, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
  • Their salaries can fall below $34,860 yearly, or $16.76 hourly, or reach beyond an annual $88,380, or $42.49 per hour.
  • They make more than the average $52,520 per year, or $25.25 per hour, made by all drafters. They are the highest paid of all drafting disciplines. The next highest wages are for mechanical drafters at a mean $53,270 yearly, or $25.61 hourly.

The BLS estimates that 28,160 electrical drafters currently work in the United States.

  • Their biggest employers are  architectural and engineering services, which provide 10,300 drafters on a consulting basis. Average wages total $57,720 per year, or $27.75 per hour.
  • The highest paying employers are manufacturers of aerospace products and parts. They average an annual $77,300, or $37.16 hourly.

Salaries and opportunities vary by location of the job.

  • Among states, California boasts the highest employment, with 4,210 drafters making a mean $60,040 yearly, or $28.87 hourly.
  • The highest paying employers are in Washington, averaging $72,560 per year, or $34.88 per hour.
  • In urban areas, Los Angeles shows the most positions, with 1,340 drafters receiving a mean $56,190 yearly, or $27.01 hourly.
  • Seattle has the highest salaries, averaging $76,660 per year, or $36.86 per hour.

For more information on how you can find electrical jobs, please contact us.


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