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‘Forbes’ offers tips related to social media and your small business marketing.

Social media and your small business are becoming more interrelated as the digital landscape expands: It makes good business sense to understand how using these networks impacts return-on-investment (ROI).

A few Social Media Marketing tips on the Forbes website may help the small business owner devise a strategy after seeing how larger companies are using the media:

Try to monitor the conversation…Are you using Facebook or Twitter to help promote your company? If so, do more than just ‘post.’ It pays to interact and engage with customers, discovering ways to improve product or services. Adjust your marketing once you see a trend developing about your brand.

e7418bad9af18673e88be6cebed01776Look to your customer for help in spreading the word about your brand’s message. Learn what influences they have in your social-network communities. Get in-depth analytics to track purchasing habits, demographics as well as geographic location of your customer and design campaigns relevant to their interests.

Then, make a point of following what those ‘influential’ customers are saying…and track their comments to determine if they are becoming ambassadors (promoting) your brand.

Offer incentives to your top customers—your ambassadors—to further promote your brand; measure sales revenue as you increase your engagement with social media during a campaign.

In one instance of using metrics to measure social media success, a marketer of ‘Hokey-Pokey’ ice cream noted:

Our implementation of this framework with an ice-cream retailer—HokeyPokey–has shown that social media can be used to generate a 40% share of the total growth in sales, 83% increase in ROI, and a 49% increase in brand awareness… 

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