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Fall HVAC Tips to Pass on to Your Customers

Since you wouldn’t drive your car 50,000 miles without changing the oil, the same can be said for how to treat an HVAC unit. And with the chilly Fall just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for you or your HVAC service techs to pass on some valuable information to your customers, and give their HVAC system the star treatment and a proper inspection. Proper maintenance of a heating and cooling system can save money over time and keep it running at its peak performance for years to come. Keeping a furnace happy will keep a home warm all winter long.4991288160_677a249010_z

Air Filters: Replace the filter at the beginning of the fall season, and then once a month after that during regular operation. A dirty or clogged filter significantly lowers operating energy-efficiency and raises a home’s overall energy cost. Neglecting this simple step can damage your equipment.

Testing 1,2: Test all the controls on the unit for proper and safe operation. Adjust the thermostat until the cycle starts, check for operational results (e.g. heat), and then shut it off. A simple pre-season test will let them know that they’re good to go when the mercury drops.

Grab a Flashlight: … and look closer inside the unit. Inspect and clean the blower assembly (blower housing, wheel, and motor). If the unit is slightly older, lubricate the motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed. Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris. If the unit has an evaporator coil, check the drain pan and the condensate lines for clogs. Clean as necessary.

Look for a Connection: That is, electrically. Connections should be secure and tight. Any connections that may have become loose can be unsafe for the entire system. If possible, have the voltage and current checked on the motor as well. Not only is having an accurate reading vital to the proper operation of the HVAC unit, poor electrical readings can lead to unit failure and costly repairs.

Now We’re Cookin’!: Inspect all gas (or oil) connections on the unit. Make sure the pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger are functioning per the unit’s specifications. Bad connections are a fire risk, and can contribute poor air quality throughout the home, and dirty burners or a broken heat exchanger can cause poor burner operation.

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One thought on “Fall HVAC Tips to Pass on to Your Customers

  1. Great Tip Mike Mayberry! your HVAC service techs to pass on some valuable information to me and In my own blog I emphasize the importance of regular HVAC maintenance. Our customers benefit so much from having those regular checkups. Choosing a quality contractor is important for emergencies but perhaps more important when consider long-term maintenance agreements. Once Again Thanks for Sharing!

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