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HVAC service techs embrace technology shifts, like ‘smart sensors’ that reduce energy costs.

One way to save energy costs when it comes to designing space for a commercial HVAC system is to make sure that the unit itself is not oversized.save_energy

Sounds like an easy solution to keeping tenant costs down, not to mention reducing the outlay for the HVAC equipment and installation.

Unwittingly, over one-third of commercial units may in fact be too large for the space they’re intended for, according a company that provides thermal-imaging and people-counting applications.

Such increased expense ultimately can place a business in a less competitive positions as it attempts to balance revenue to cover these costs. Consequently, building owners, supervisors and hvac service tech’s are focusing on solutions found in areas like Building Automation Systems.

As such, with the availability of ‘smart sensors,’ HVAC systems can be tweaked for optimize energy use as it ‘learns’ the flow of personnel throughout the rooms of a facility during hours of operation.

Coupled to this technology, and another key to energy savings, is the implementation of Variable Speed Motors to reduce the high-energy cost associated with one-level speed of conventional motors  that commonly run at maximum speed from initial startup.

“For example, when the speed of a fan motor is decreased 20 percent, the air flow also decreases 20 percent, but actual energy usage drops 50 percent. The resulting energy consumption is lower – as are the building’s energy expenditures.”

Reducing the outdoor-intake of air below the structure’s design capabilities is yet another way to control energy costs. Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) features key on occupancy flow that vary during the day; this, to reduce the constant flow of heat or cooling in rooms that are not occupied continuously.

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