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#3: Need to hire a Manager or Supervisor with industry experience?

recruitingbyteslogoYou’ve probably already got the names of hundreds of Managers and Supervisors from your competitors and just don’t know it. When people come in to your office to fill out an application, don’t you ask them for the name and contact info for their past managers or direct supervisors? If your not, you need to start today.

These are all potential applicants for you when it’s time to find a Service Manager, Installation Manager, Sales Manager, Office Manager or any other supervisory person.

If you’re looking for a Service Manager, take a look at all the Service Tech applications you have. If you’re looking for a Sales Manager, take a look at all the Sales Rep applications you have, etc… You get the picture.

Then pick up the phone and start making calls, but if you’re calling their office number, don’t leave a voicemail or a message with the receptionist. It might be a little uncomfortable for them if someone in the company suspects they might be looking for another job.

When you get them on the phone, take this approach; “Hey Joe, my name is Bob Smith and I’m with XYZ mechanical. I got your name from a service tech a while ago and was wondering if you could help me out. I’m looking for an experienced Service Manager and figured you might know someone or might even be interested yourself. Look, I don’t want to put you in an awkward position, so if it’s not easy for you to talk now, let’s figure out when we can.”

Get their cell phone number and set up a time to talk. Let them know that you’ll keep everything completely confidential, but that you’d really like to talk to them about the opportunity. If they won’t give you their cell number, give them yours and let them know that they can call you any time.

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