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Plumbers Make Better-Than-Average Salaries

Continuing a trend from previous years, plumbers once again make better-than-average salaries as of this posting, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Their salaries average $52,950 per year, or $25.46 per hour, with the top echelon receiving over an annual $84,440, or $40.60 hourly.
  • Compare these amounts to the mean $44,960 yearly, or $21.61 per hour, which the average construction worker makes, or the $45,790 per year, or $22.01 per hour received by the average American worker.

The increased demand for plumbers comes from the new construction needed to accommodate a growing population, and the higher water-efficiency standards mandated for new structures. For example, in 2011, many states adopted a change to plumbing codes that required fire sprinkler systems in new single-family homes.

The highest-paying employers for plumbers are manufacturers of measuring and control instruments, which average $73,030 yearly, or $35.11 hourly. However, most of the jobs still come from building equipment contractors, although they offer lower means of $53,580 per year, or $25.76 per hour.

Among states, Alaska leads the salary list because the high cost of living pushes wages up in general. Plumbers here average an annual $71,600, or $34.42 per hour. New York was next at $68,120 per year, or $32.75 per hour, followed by Illinois at a mean $67,470 yearly, or $32.44 hourly.

In urban areas, the highest pay is in Nassau and Suffolk Counties of New York, averaging $74,160 per year, or $40.46 per hour. Ranking second for compensation is the San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara area, in California, at a mean $79,540 yearly, or $38.24 hourly.

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