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Summer Tips for Plumbers: From Tree Root Problems on Water Lines to Garbage Disposal Issues

Summer tips: Plumbers may be busier than you think when plumbing is automatically associated with rainier times of the year. And the jobs a plumber will have this time of year may fall under specific categories with more complex situations. A significant portion of that has to do with pure nature and human nature in clogging up certain pipelines.Summer

Sewer Backups from Tree Roots

This problem is very common in the summer due to tree roots growing and attaching to water pipes. In turn, this can cause sewage to back up in someone’s bathtub as well as toilet. While a plumber can easily take care of initial drainage issues, a more thorough assessment will have to be done if the tree roots caused damage to the pipes. In some cases, it could mean replacing the pipes or recommending the homeowner tear down the tree that regularly affects the water line.

Replacing Aging Water Heaters

Many people want to have an energy-efficient water heater, and if it’s over a decade old, it should be replaced before winter comes. Summer is a typical time when customers will want their water heater replaced. After installation, a plumber may want to pass on some tips to the customer about how to make that water heater work more efficiently during the summer. That starts by turning the water heater down before going on long vacations for money and energy savings. Nevertheless, a new water heater will automatically provide better energy efficiency.

Washing Machine Hose Problems

Perhaps because kids spend more time outside, more clothes are going to be washed and perhaps cause lint clogs or hose problems on the washing machine and dryer. Sometimes those washing machine hoses can become cracked or clogged, hence creating leaks and significant water damage in a home’s utility room or garage. Replacing hoses, though, are fairly simple and won’t require a plumber to work all day as other potential issues can.

Garbage Disposal Clogs

During summer family events, summer food might be sent down the garbage disposal that shouldn’t be put down there. Some of the foods that should be avoided are oils and things like corncobs or banana peels. All of these (especially the oils) can create potential clogs in the garbage disposal that requires professional plumbing assistance. These jobs might require more hours for the plumber, depending on the severity of the clog.

Because plumbers never use chemical cleaners to unclog a garbage disposal, it could require taking the disposal apart to clean it out.

All of that is just part of what plumbers will potentially face in the summer months. If you’re looking into a plumbing career this summer, consider Plumbing Agent  to help you find jobs.


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