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Some Famous ELectricians….

Benjamin Franklin 

He was born in 1706, and was regarded as one of the founding fathers of the United States and was a very prominent figure during the Enlightenment period of American history. In addition to making various discoveries about the properties of electricity, Benjamin Franklin also formed various theories about it. He is recognized as one of the most dedicated electrical inventors of all time.

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan

Was a British chemist and physicist, born in 1828. He is well known for his inventions in the field of photography as well in his electric work. He was the first person that was awarded with a patent for the invention of the incandescent light bulb that is still used today, almost 200 years later!

Emanuel Steward

He had a great ability in training athletes and turning them into boxing greats and hence his induction into the World Boxing Hall of Fame as well as the International Boxing Hall of Fame. He is well remembered for having trained some of the world-renowned boxers like Oscar De La Hoya and Milton McCrory among many others. He worked as an electrician when he was not training world champions in the field of boxing.

Elvis Presley

The great musician worked as an apprentice electrician before he became famous for his music.

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