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Whats New in the Electrical Industry: Safety Extends Beyond Protective Equipment

electricianA recent conference held in Denver by the National Electrical Contractors Association drew industry professionals from across North America who were interested in sharing and learning about whats new in the electrical industry in terms of safety regulations, compliance, safety protective clothing and other industry safety trends. 240 people attended, including safety managers, company owners and members of NECA’s safety team.

“We must take safety to another level,” said John Lambert, NECA’s Safety Task Force chairman. Lambert emphasized that individual companies that make up the association must share their safety efforts and procedures until every electrical worker is knowledgeable on the importance of the subject.

NECA Executive Director of Standards and Safety, Michael Johnston, shared how safety has moved beyond the protective clothing and equipment of a worker and into how the electrical projects are designed.

One of the keynote speakers of the event, Brandon Schroeder, spoke of his experience in 2011 when, as a journeyman electrician, he survived an arc-flash accident. Arc-flash remains one of the most serious risks that electrical workers face. Johnston emphasized that the industry has a better understanding now of what causes arc-flash and that more work is being done to prevent it.

OSHA has a six-point arc-flash plan that includes a company providing and demonstrating their safety plan for all workers, calculations for the degree of arc-flash hazard, personal protective equipment for all workers, appropriate tools and warning labels on all equipment provided by the equipment owners. It was also emphasized at the conference that developing a good safety plan requires participation and support from the workers.

Safety is an extremely important aspect of the electrical industry. If you’re a safety professional looking for a company to work for, or if you’re looking to find an experienced electrician to add to your team, contact us.


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