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Summer tip: Split workloads between your HVAC service techs with ‘warranty work,’ and those who turn calls into leads.


HVAC contractors are painfully aware of the cycles of their business, particularly with summer servicing and installs pushing scheduling to keep customers cool and happy.

Consequently, hiring the right people for the front office, and skilled, hvac service techs to handle the flow of calls is paramount to maintaining an efficient workplace.

In this busy season, what’s needed is an eye to managing workloads while keeping track of that priority list of ‘must-dos’ and will-do later. It sounds simple, but a 9-point method may help as this summer heats up; a few steps are summarized below:

Think ‘dollars’ when dispatching

Avoid random scheduling. Triage the call by, first, getting the age of the unit—an older air conditioning system should take priority over warranty work on a year-old unit. More importantly, send out the tech who knows how to convert a call into a possible lead while using your “Mr I-Fix-Everthing to the warranty call.”

‘Future work’ and your company database

Keep track of all the recommended repairs, paring them with the right season. Then, make your calls in the slow months and offer the customer a discount on that repair that should’ve been made months ago.

A simple task for your techs: Photograph equipment nameplates for your own database and use it for marketing.

People generally will pay more for priority service

Especially during the hot season, don’t hold back on charging a reasonable “response charge” as the work board is filling; those charges relate to your truck, your trip and maybe a diagnostic charge.

Also, a premium-same-day-service charge is expected and many customers won’t mind it if it gets them moved to the top of the call list!

Contact us and discover how we can help you fill those HVAC, plumbing and electrical positions. We offer an extensive database of qualified candidates to match your specific requirements.


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