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2013 trends for HVAC contractors include services affecting total ‘building performance.’

1076770_87305590What’s new in HVAC/R for 2013, according to Mark Lowry, Executive Vice President, RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineer Society), are a number of trends that point to the ever-changing need for more highly skilled and trained personnel.

Getting ‘optimal efficiency’ out of the existing system.

In what seems to be a trend to forego replacing or upgrading existing systems, facility managers and equipment owners will strive for getting the best out of their existing HVAC systems.

Lowry does note that with the demand to operate with ‘optimal efficiency,’ some equipment owners who have the financial resources will, no doubt, seek high-efficiency replacements.

It’s all about the total ‘building performance.’

Hvac contractors are seeing value beyond their initial system install, upkeep and replacements. More importantly, they are seeing their systems in relation to the entire building’s environment.

As such, HVAC contractors will no doubt see the opportunities to provide additional building services, such as energy audits and “remediation of sub-optimal conditions.” Taking on the role of a consultant will mean offering their network of vendors and “business partners” to facility managers in areas such as roofing, siding, window/door and insulation services.

The heat is on for ‘geothermal’ systems.

Facility managers and equipment owners are embracing the adoption of these systems, particularly as the “payback periods” for installs are lessening; this, as contractors are becoming more efficient in providing installations and maintenance.

A big factor in this industry segment are the federal tax rebates; this, plus the low operating costs of a geothermal system makes this choice more appealing to decision makers at all levels in an organization.

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