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Industrial electricians poised to monitor and update “electrical infrastructure” more so than in the past.

It’s unsettling to think just how many hazards exist in industrial plants because of old electrical infrastructure. For sure, ever-changing load requirements and aging equipment can play havoc with plant managers attempting to abide by safety procedures.

“Paradigm shift requires look at plant electrical infrastructure,” an article on the PlantServices site, suggests looking at the safety of electric distribution systems in a more “dynamic” way versus the notion that components are “everlasting, never-changing.”

As such, the key is to formalize preventive maintenance procedures to keep ahead of load requirements, short-circuit sizing and the overall performance facility equipment.

What’s driving such concerns, thereby increasing the demand and skills of industrial electricians? The engine behind this urgency lies within the host of government regulations.

“Regulations and standards such as OSHA and NFPA 70E are forcing plant managers to be proactive about electrical hazards. Companies that fail to comply face severe fines from OSHA, in addition to costly downtime and loss of production from accidents. The wise course is to address safety issues before there is an incident.”

Doubling down on electrical hazards….

Getting a handle on plant assessments tends to be time-consuming and “possibly costly.” For one thing, areas of analysis should include identifying “short-circuit power sources,” and related ratings of the actual wiring to any protective devices.

More importantly, plant managers need to make sure calculations are being made for any possible energy stemming from an arc-flash—label should be correct as well as implementing the right PPE.

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