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Need for skilled HVAC contractors grows as third-party vendors push ‘whole house programs.’

Home owners can thank well-trained hvac contractors to keep them operating comfortably and efficiently, given the trends in government regulation and expectations to benefit from energy efficient designs.

Amidst the general push to embrace all things ‘energy efficient,’ today’s HVAC contractors certainly possess the necessary skills and technical know-how to accommodate such requests.

“Home Performance Belongs to the HVAC Industry,” a post on Contracting Business, notes the ever-increasing importance of the hvac tech to verify—and also document—what work they’ve carried out on; this, instead of relying on any third party who might know way less than the industry professional himself.

At risk, is more regulation, perhaps, as the future may include adding a yet another step in the inspection process as vendors may push for outside verifications.

As with most solutions, the simplest one for the homeowner goes beyond the annual check on a system’s integrity, or making sure ducts are sealed, as well as all the other components that “… (interact) between rooms of the home or building itself.”

The responsibility will continue to fall with the hvac contractor, as he is the one best trained and qualified to make assessments in light of the growing programs out there that offer advice and products outside the realm of the HVAC industry.

“The contrary is evidenced by many “whole house” programs led by people from outside our industry that cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in insulation, window, and door replacement, as well as equipment replacement — without ever addressing the real energy and comfort robbers. The result is often work that passes muster in “fill in the blank” energy or quality programs, but scores 60-70% or less when true performance is measured.”

More and more industries are turning to My Open Jobs, LLC to fill their positions in HVAC, electrical and plumbing sectors.

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